A Luxury and Elegance that you didn't even realize you wanted

Completely customized to you and your business

  • metal cards are an exquisite addition to any business. Crafted from 0.2mm, alumminum. .45mm, and .8mm anodized stainless steel these cards are as powerful as a solid hand shake. The base price of these cards includes non-bleed etching in standard business card size of 3.5”x2”.

  • Laser etching can be used on these cards to create a metallic appearance to a design and spot colour can be used to add solid colours to accentuate your company’s branding. Variable data is also an option for clients looking to create membership cards or cards with unique codes.

  • Custom QR codes can be added to any card.

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Choose Your Method of Printing

  • Printed

    Cards can be printed in full color on both sides,

  • Etched

    Laser etching is percise and adds luxury to any card.

  • Engraved

    Have your card stand out amongst the rest. The king of cards in both weight and texture.

  • Etched & Engraved

    In addition to each type on it's own you are also able to combine diffrent methods.